Dr.G.Natarajan Shree Saikrupa Dental Care


  • We give special importance to sterilization procedures. We use disposables as much as possible. We triple sterilize all the instruments. First, we disinfect the instrument, then clean the instrument manually, then with ultrasonic cleaner; steam sterilize with modern automatic autoclave in sealed pouches and store them in sterile condition, till they are opened in front of patient before treatment. We use barriers on the equipment to prevent cross-infection. In the era of dangerous infections, with our perfect sterilization procedures, the patients need not worry about cross-infection and can get treated with peace of mind.

  • Full mouth dental check-up can be done in our clinic with modern equipment like digital dental panoramic and intra oral x-rays and intra-oral camera. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ - preventing toothache by identifying the dental problems goes a long way in maintaining dental health.

  • Fillings (restorations) are normally done in decay affected teeth to prevent toothache. Invisible tooth coloured fillings with best available materials (3M, USA) are done in our clinic.

  • Root canal treatment is done in tooth with diseased pulp. It is done to save the tooth and prevent tooth extraction. Nowadays, with modern equipment and materials, even a severely painful and broken tooth can be saved in predictable and painless way with root canal treatment and crown. After the treatment, the patient will be able to use the tooth for chewing like the other normal teeth.

    Our clinic specializes in Micro- root canal treatment, that is, Root canal Treatment under Dental Operating Microscope. Presently, Root canal Treatment under microscope is considered as the best standard globally. All the Root canal Treatments in our clinic are done withOperating Microscope, under dental dam isolation, with modern automated equipment, Digital x-rays, Electronic Apex locatorsand other state of the art equipment, in a painless and predictable way. Bio ceramic sealers, the best material for root canal permanent sealing , is used.

  • Dentures are false teeth and are fabricated to replace the missing teeth. Dentures take the support of surrounding soft as well as hard tissues of the oral cavity. The conventional dentures were removable but now we use dentures of different designs.

  • Dental bridges are fixed artificial replacement of missing teeth. They are substitute to conventional dentures which are removable. They fill the gap created by the missing teeth which in turn reduces dental problems, gum diseases and tooth drifting. The materials used for making bridges are porcelain-fused to metal alloy, full metal alloy, All –ceramic, Zirconia, etc. Sometimes gold is also used along with other metals.

  • Dental Implants enables one to have fixed/permanent teeth. It is a manmade replacement of natural tooth. Implant supported crowns consist of titanium root form implants with tooth coloured ceramic crown replacing the missing teeth. Our Clinic spcializes in all type of dental implants including full mouth rehabilitation. We use only high quality dental implant like Straunann, Offtem, etc..

  • Veneers are very thin tooth coloured materials that are bonded on to the teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth. Veneers are made out of ceramic and composite. Veneers are used to correct discoloured teeth, malaligned teeth, worn out enamel, etc.

  • Teeth whitening treatment (bleaching) removes stains and discolorations that are inside the enamel and improve the basic colour of the teeth as well. With the modern equipment and materials, power bleaching whitens your teeth in less than one hour time. Home (night guard) bleachings are also available. According to the need of the patient and teeth condition, the bleaching methods are selected.

  • Crown covers the tooth and it works like a cap for the tooth, restoring the shape and size of the tooth. Crown strengthen the tooth and improve one’s appearance. A Crown is cemented over gum line making the tooth invisible. We make crowns of different materials such as:-

    Metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal, all resin, temporary and permanent crowns, all- ceramic crowns ( zirconia, e-max), etc.

  • Our Doctor specializes in smile makeover as it is a part of cosmetic dentistry. The results are very dramatic and hard to believe. This treatment varies from person to person as personnel expectations vary and the condition of the teeth also varies. Smile makeover involves various individual procedures such as teeth whitening and straightening of teeth, teeth replacement, repairing teeth, dental bonding, veneering etc. Smile makeover is often called as an extreme makeover. It boosts one’s self confidence and makes a person look better with an attractive smile.

  • Orthodontics is the correction of malaligned teeth with the help of braces. With the help of experienced expert orthodontist, lot of challenging malaligned teeth are corrected in our clinic.

  • We have specialized doctors who attend only to children. Our doctors study the child psychology, growth and development before starting the treatment. Children normally face problems such as cavity, malocclusion, tooth decay, crooked teeth, etc. Right treatment at appropriate time is very important for the child’s dental health, which in turn, will help in maintaining the child’s overall general health. Maintaining a good set of teeth boosts the child’s self-confidence too.

  • Dentures are false teeth and are fabricated to replace the missing teeth. Dentures take the support of surrounding soft as well as hard tissues of the oral cavity. Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) dentures are stronger and tighter than the conventional dentures.